NETwork is a Digital Tech Jobs Board with free use service!

The world is changing rapidly and recent events have increased the demand for people with skills to help companies adapt to work online whilst also leaving many people looking for new jobs / careers.

NETwork job board aims to help companies and individuals connect as they adapt new ways of working following the transformative events in 2020.

NETwork also aims to promote a better understanding by candidates of how to prepare and present themselves in today's job market, and by employers of how to attract candidates and/or find alternatives such as outsourcing or new technology.

Why free service?

NETwork is a special project in 2021 by Gummy Bear Tech Recruitment, supported by others, and using their combined expertise in recruitment, tech and digital marketing, to provide a simple and free service to help employers connect with available candidates during this period of significant workplace change.

Our aim is to facilitate straight forward employment opportunities, whilst gaining a better understanding of the marketplace and still being able to offer premium services for companies looking for hard-to-find tech specialists.

Finding a job

Please see our Candidates section for details and guidelines on searching and applying for jobs shown on this system.

Posting a job

The Companies section explains how to post to the jobs board and provides guidelines for posting roles. There is typically a short delay while jobs are checked before they appear on the site.


We do our best to maintain a high quality of service on this site and please contact us if you have questions, comments or suggestions that will help us in our mission to help others. Thank you.