Candidates / Job seekers

Welcome to NETwork Job Board!

The following explains about how to use the system, and provides guidance on applying for a job / opportunity .

There is no registration required to apply for a job.

Your job application is made directly to the company advertising the role for them to review and process further.

Finding a job

When searching jobs can be filtered based on keyword, type, location (including remote work), and category (functional work area). Salaries that appear are monthly.

Applying for a job

We suggest you ensure your resume is well prepared and not too long - a clear and concise resume can help your chances of being considered for a role.

The application process may happen in two ways depends upon how the company has setup to receive applications:

By email

The company has provided an email address for applications to be sent to, and clicking "Apply for this position" will cause a new email to open in your email system (please see FAQ if any problems here):

  • Attach a copy of your resume /CV to the email
  • Include a short note (we suggest ~3 lines only) about your application for the position. In our experience longer notes will not be read by the recipient.

By link

The company has provided a link to their own website or a job site where you can apply for the job.

Please follow the site's process further; this will likely require selecting an "Apply" button on the to proceed with submitting your resume / CV and relevant comments.

If it's not clear which role you may be applying for then we suggest including the job title and source (i.e. Gummy Bear Network) in the comments.

If you have any difficulties during the process then please check the FAQ section or message us at


Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements to our process, site or service. Thank you!