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All candidates apply directly to your system (via the link you provide) or via an email directly from them to the address you provide.

This system does not retain candidate details, and there is no database of candidates available for searching.

The following explains more about how to use the system.

Presenting your job

We suggest job descriptions are not too lengthy and focus on providing the key details required for a potential applicant to decide if they may be suitable for the role and proceed with applying.

When considering applicants, please keep in mind there may be few candidates with exactly the skills you require. However, there are many talented people with potential to learn and do the role - the more open you can be then the greater the chances of success!

Details of your job

When posting a job please note the following details / suggestions:

  • Job Type: Full time, Part time, Contract, Internship
  • Job title: as appropriate
  • Job location: Typically the district in Bangkok (or another province); a sub-district can also be selected (as the system allows)
  • Remote OK : Tick the "This job accepts remote applications" if your job can be done on a fully remote basis; if the job is mostly remote then please clarify in the job description
  • Job category: Focused towards Functional areas requiring skilled individuals (or people who can learn them). NB: Please let us know if you have suggestions for other Job Categories (or sub categories)
  • Job description: This allows some formatting of the job description as well as the inclusion of external links
  • Min salary / Max salary / Salary time frame: All salaries are in Thai Baht and the number or range shown will be presumed to be monthly; please ensure you select per month (or don't select a time frame) when posting. Salaries should be base salary only, with details of bonuses / commissions to be provided in the job description text.
  • Accept applications: applications can be by:
  • >> Link: if selected the applicant will be taken to that link so they can then apply by the process provided; typically the link will be to the job on your own website or even another job board (in which case please check the job link will remain available for most or all of the posting period, currently set at 60 days during our launch). This will not provide details of the source, but is likely a safer route for applications
  • >> Email: if selected the applicant will have a blank email open preset to send to the email address you provide (via mailto: function); as there is no format to the email applications may vary and there will be no indication of the source unless included by the candidate in the email. Please treat the email as you would any other email e.g. scan any attachments before downloading
  • NB: Please ensure email address / link is correct in order that an applicant can complete the process. In correct details can cause the job details itself to be lost and the job may not appear at all on the system NB: Links and contact details can also be provided in the body of the Job Description.

Details of your company

It is important to use the same company name and URL when posting jobs. The system will pickup other details from a previous post if these two fields match earlier posts.

An invalid website URL can cause the system to lose the entire job and it will not appear on the system.

Please ensure Company email is correct so that we can contact you in case of any issues with the post that we may need help to fix.

Preview Listing will show you how the job will appear, and immediately highlight any incomplete fields.

Then please continue the process to post

All posts have to be checked, so it may take up to 48 hours for posts to appear, but typically we aim to put online within 2 hours (during business hours).

Conditions of posting

This is a free to use service and as such there are no guarantees made regarding quality / level of service.

All posts should be for valid, currently available jobs.

Any spam posts, or posts which appear to be unclear, ambiguous or inappropriate will be removed. Any "commission only" roles may be removed if they do not appear to be reasonable and valid roles.

Agencies may post any positions here they are currently working on and in accordance with DOE requirements (as for job advertisements they post).


NETwork Jobs Board is a special project for 2021 by Gummy Bear Tech Recruitment aimed at helping job seekers and employers in Thailand.